VIP Surroundings

The Artistic Team provide all of their clients at The Color with a truly unique and individual VIP experience.

 In June 2020 the salon received its very own makeover, to ensure that each any every VIP guest will enter a newly renovated, spacious and sterile salon. With its beautiful furnishings, mesmerising mood lighting and relaxing music, the salon captures and promotes a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.


VIP Service

The Color boasts a vast floor space which will be host to just two guests at any one time during opening hours. This will ensure clients can be certain they will have the Artistic Team’s undivided attention throughout the duration of their visit. 

Sit back and allow our experienced and creative stylists to transform your hair whilst you soak up the relaxing atmosphere generated by the comfortable and tranquil surroundings. The ultimate goal of the Artistic Team is to make sure each client leaves the salon feeling refreshed, relaxed and feel like a VIP!

The Artistic Team’s success at achieving their goal is self-evident, based on the number of their loyal returning clients.

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