relaxation classes

Face to Face

Within the studio, Mel has created a tranquil and unique space for her to conduct her Relaxation classes. Mel uses the powers of hypnotherapy and healing, which she has honed over the years, to allow her clients to switch off from the stresses and responsibilities of daily life. In class, Mel makes sure her clients are as comfortable as possible, before asking them ‘to close their beautiful eyelids down’ and embark on a journey of pure relaxation. Clients leave these classes feeling refreshed, positive and most important of all relaxed. Mel has even encountered some initially skeptical individuals, however she enjoys the challenge of teaching those people that anybody can relax, if they just give themselves permission.



During lockdown, Mel has made it her mission to deliver free online Relaxation Classes to her clients and make sure that they remain positive and at peace during these challenging times. Mel has reached out using Zoom to connect to existing and new clients to share the power of love and light at a time when people need it most. The feedback from these classes speaks for itself, with many people connecting to Mel every Monday and Thursday evening.

But Mel’s desire to help others doesn’t stop there. Whilst the classes are free, Mel has asked for attendees to make a contribution to the Hair & Beauty Charity which supports her fellow hairdressers who have lost their income due to COVID-19. So far, Mel has raised over £670 for this cause which is close to her heart.

From July 2020, classes will available for £25.00 per month on a rolling direct debit. Classes run concurrently on Monday and Thursday nights from 6.45pm till 8.00pm. Classes are currently available online. Mel hopes to deliver her classes in person and online when social distancing measures have been relaxed.

If you would like a private session please contact us by email, telephone or through one of our social media pages (links can be found at the bottom of this page).