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Cruelty Free Products, means no animal testing

The Color (Bridlington) Ltd and the Color Retail, are two businesses which are both immensely proud to be part of the internationally renowned Paul Mitchell. This global company was the first within the hair and beauty industry, which had from its very inception, the firm conviction that it would not use any products that had been tested on animals 

Now in its 40th year of trading, John Paul Mitchell Systems, can still proudly say that it has never tested on animals and it never will. 

If you look at all the products, they show the global symbol for Cruelty Free products – the Leaping Bunny. Only when products show this logo does it mean customers can be assured that the product is truly cruelty free and has had not been tested on animals in any country.


Vegan Friendly Range 

As a result of their strong cruelty free ethos, you will not be surprised to know that much of the Paul Mitchell product ranges are also vegan friendly. It is well known that all the Paul Mitchell colour ranges are completely suitable for those customers who wish to purchase vegan products.

In both the Color’s salon, and in its Online shop, Richard and Mel have a loyal customer base, many of whom also strongly feel that they do not want to their hairdressers to use any products that are tested on animals. 

Some clients travel from all over Yorkshire and beyond, because of their personal convictions and are delighted to have found a salon and a source of products that meet their own personal high standards.

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