Hair Designer   

Mel is incredibly proud of her inspirational hairdressing career of 35 years. 

Mel has always embraced her creative side and thrown herself with full force, into becoming the best hair stylist and colourist that she can be.

Mel constantly strives to look for new ways to develop her hairdressing skills and knowledge. It is safe to say Mel belongs behind the chair.


Dedication to the Industry  

The start of Mel’s career in hairdressing coincides almost exactly with the exact year that the Paul Mitchell products arrived in the UK.  

Some would call that coincidence; others might call it fate.

Mel is extremely proud to be globally recognised for her creativity and her loyalty to the Paul Mitchell brand.

Her passion, love, and dedication provide her with the perfect toolset to succeed in the hairdressing industry.


Mel’s Journey

Throughout her many years as a stylist Mel has been loyal to one brand and has dedicated her career to her self-improvement. She owes this to having a completely focussed mind and always being mentally and physically prepared for all of the challenges that she might face. With bucket loads of self-belief and a positive attitude Mel is a true role model in the industry.

At the age of 31, Mel had a realisation that the only way she could stay in the industry that she loved so much was to ensure she looked after her own health and well-being. Mel opened her mind to the possibility of over-coming physical, emotional and even spiritual challenges. Not only did she overcome them, she conquered them and now helps others to promote the importance of healthy hair, mind and body.