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About Us

After many years searching for products that had a strong ethos behind them, Richard and Mel found the Paul Mitchell range of products over 22 years ago. This company and its founders John Paul Dejoria and Paul Mitchell seemed to have exactly the same values, that they wanted to portray within their work and business. 

They have total trust in the Paul Mitchell products, which help them keep moving forward as they are able to use the most up to date products, which are constantly being developed and refined by the global company. 

Both Richard and Mel have vast product knowledge, and this is kept updated by the inspirational global John Paul Mitchell Systems educators. They feel strongly that they are a part of the Paul Mitchell brand and its professional global team. Their loyal clients always know they are up to date with latest styles and trends. 

The Color is all about creating and maintaining beautiful hair. With their expertise, their knowledge and vast selection of Paul Mitchell products, coupled with their after-care advice, Richard and Mel feel that this is achievable for every client.



John Paul Mitchell Systems

John Paul Dejoria and his business partner, Paul Mitchell co-founded the company John Paul Mitchell Systems, in 1980. 

Now known across the world by its global brand Paul Mitchell, which is run today by John Paul Dejoria and Angus Mitchell, the son of the late Paul Mitchell. In 2020, the company will celebrate 40 years in the hairdressing industry. 

Their powerful motivation, dedication to quality and innovation, creates the positive driving force which makes sure that the company always cares for its people, its products, and importantly, the planet. 

The Color as a Paul Mitchell Signature Salon values their passion, love, enthusiasm for their ethos behind the brand., which means that for over 40 years no animals have been used in the creation of any of the products.